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Hey, I'm Josephine

As a digital marketing strategist, I’ve worked with a range of businesses from fast-growing startups, to solopreneurs, to non-profit organisations. I’ve also created content for a number of brands and media companies, both in the outdoor industry and in the entrepreneurship space.

My goal with Outventure Hub is to help outdoor-inspired, purpose-driven entrepreneurs level up their brand online so they can build thriving businesses and ultimately, have a bigger impact on people and the planet.

“I am absolutely over the moon about the website Josephine designed for us. It is seriously better than I could have ever imagined and I am so excited for us to look so professional. This is life-changing!!”

— Hillary Biscay, Founder & Head Coach, Biscay Coaching
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“Thanks to her curiosity, Josephine could understand not only the area in which she was directly involved but also the rest of the business units giving her a complete vision of the company’s operations. She left an inheritance that will last.”

— Pablo Garcia Manity, CEO, bewolfish

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