Team & Project Management Tools


Slack is an instant messaging platform designed specifically for team collaboration. What’s great about Slack is that conversations can be organised into channels. 


If you are the type of person who loves writing to-do lists then you will love Trello. It’s a visual productivity tool that can be used to keep track of how your projects are progressing. is a cloud-based project and team management software. It can be used to plan project timelines, allocate tasks to different team members, track progress, track time and schedule your week ahead.


Evernote is a great tool for taking notes and organising them in a way that ‘findable’ for future use, storing all your digital documents in one place and organising tasks and projects.


Calendly is a super easy to use scheduling tool. It can be used internally to get your team organised and also when scheduling appointments or calls with clients or external partners.  

Every Time Zone

A must-have if you’re managing an international team or working with clients across different time zones. 


Zoom is an interactive video conferencing tool. With Zoom you can share your screen and files with other call participants. There is also a chat feature which is especially useful during Q&A-type calls.


Harvest is a really simple time tracking software. You can use it to create invoices based on billable hours and to assess how much time your team is spending on different projects.

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