Do you want to keep up-to-date with outdoor industry news and learn from inspiring outdoor entrepreneurs? All while getting your morning run in or brushing your teeth (talk about being productive 😉 )? Here are five of my favourite outdoor entrepreneurship podcasts to get you started:

1. The Adventurepreneur Playbook Podcast

Jeremy Jensen, the host of The Adventurepreneur Playbook Podcast, defines “adventurepreneurs” as “business owners, thrill seekers, explorers, thought leaders, influencers, and lifestyle designers. They are the people brave enough to not let traditional definitions of success confine them. They are irreverent misfits and risk takers, living life on their own terms”. This podcast is all about gaining insights from people who have designed lives around their passion for adventure. The guests include startup founders, non-profit leaders, pro athletes, artists and full-time travellers.

Don’t miss: Episode 12 with Frank Scotti, founder and owner of Nomad Inc., an adventure travel company specialising in skiing/snowboarding, surfing and mountain biking itineraries.

The Adventurepreneur Playbook Podcast logo - one of the best outdoor sports podcast

2. The Stokecast Podcast

This podcast explores how some of the best pro athletes, adventurers and entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry “balance work, life and adventure while having fun and making a difference”. The focus on entrepreneurship-related content varies from interview to interview depending on each guest’s background. But every episode is full of insights into the outdoor adventure world.

Don’t miss: Episode 17 with Adrian Ballinger, founder of Alpenglow Expeditions, a global expedition guiding company specialising in rapid ascents on the world’s biggest mountains.

The Stokecast Podcast logo - one of the best outdoor sports podcast

3. The Reddyyeti Podcast

The Reddyyeti Podcast focuses on the entrepreneurship journey of startup founders in the outdoor sports industry. In the interviews, the guests talk about their entrepreneurship background and the challenges they’ve faced while building their business. They also share really insightful lessons learned and business success tips. So if you are thinking about starting an outdoor gear brand, you should definitely give this one a listen.

Don’t miss: Episode 129 with Emily Schrod, founder of Evolved Motion, an innovative backpack for people who want to work out on the go.

Reddyyeti Podcast logo - one of the best outdoor sports podcast

4. The Adventure Sports Podcast

In this podcast Mason Gravly interviews adventure sports enthusiasts from a wide range of backgrounds. Guests include outfitters, outdoor guides, authors and pro athletes. This podcast doesn’t include as much “educational” entrepreneurship content. But if you are looking for inspirational stories from top people in the adventure sports world, it’s a great pick.

Don’t miss: Episode 514 with Matt Segal, North Face Climber and Alpine Start Coffee Founder.

The Adventure Sports Podcast logo

5. The Adventure Podcast

The Adventure Podcast is all about sharing news, commentary and insights on the world of outdoor adventure, travel, and exploration. This is not a podcast purely about entrepreneurship but it is a great source of information when it comes to staying up-to-date with adventure industry trends. Also, Kraig Becker, one of the two hosts, runs a great blog with daily outdoor adventure industry news updates.

Don’t miss: Episode 57 where the two hosts, Dave and Kraig, discuss some of the best small outdoor gear companies.

The Adventure Podcast logo

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