Get an expert to do that market research you've been dreading while you focus on the core issues of your business

Maybe you want to better understand your audience so that you can nail your next marketing campaign and attract your dream customers with ease? 

Or you’re looking to get some real, high-quality feedback on a product or service you just launched to help you improve on it in the future? 

Or maybe you want to determine broader trends within the outdoor industry niche you operate in but you’re not sure how to get started on this?

Save your valuable time and get all the information you need by bringing in a digital marketing expert to conduct an in-depth, customised research project for your business. It will be hassle-free, tailored to your exact needs and you’ll walk away with a high quality, concise report summarising the research results.


Every business has unique requirements when it comes to marketing research. If we work together we will develop a scope of work based on your exact needs and goals. Here are a few examples of research projects I have helped clients with to give you an idea of how I could help you and your business: 

  • Analysis of trail running market trends in a specific geographic location
  • Market size estimation to evaluate the feasibility of a new cycling event
  • Review of key competitors’ social media marketing strategy and performance
  • Target audience profiling based on social media and website analytics

Joséphine adds value to every project she develops by combining her attention to detail with her ability to see the bigger picture. In addition, Joséphine is a very analytical person and, therefore, everything she suggests and implements is based on research, benchmarking and direct opinions of key people related to the project. As a result, everything she develops is gold and can last longer.

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1. Questionnaire

You will receive a questionnaire with questions about your business, the market you operate in and your desired project outcomes.

2. Zoom call

During this 60min call we will dive deeper into your business needs, the project scope, your expectations and your collaboration preferences.

3. Scope of work

Based on all the information you shared I will compile a scope of work including a timeline and a proposed project price.

4. Project start

As soon as you approve the scope of work we are ready to go! I will get started and send you regular project updates along the way.

The structure and length of each marketing research project will vary depending on your specific needs, preferences and objectives. Usually engagements consist in a mix of discussion sessions, independent work and results presentation sessions. The discussion and presentation sessions will be conducted via Zoom.


Marketing research projects are usually completed based on a fixed project price rather than an hourly rate. This will ensure that the project cost remains within your planned budget. Pricing will depend on the project scope and estimated duration. A proposed project price will be provided prior to the project start as part of the scope of work.

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I’m Joséphine Anselin. I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist and I founded Outventure Hub to help entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry grow their brand online. My approach is always practical and my work is founded in research, insights and a deep understanding and passion for the outdoor market. I learned the ins and outs of marketing strategy through a Sports Management MBA, working in a strategy consulting firm, co-authoring a digital marketing online course and collaborating with startups and small businesses in the outdoor sports space. Read more about my story here.

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