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Guest Expert Line Up

How to create a unique and memorable brand image for your sports business 

with Carlota Molas, Communications Director at bewolfish

Brand authenticity: how to find your voice and build your brand online 

with Frank Scotti, Founder of Nomad Inc

Leveraging the power of social media to drive real business results

with Jonathan Ronzio, CMO at Trainual & Host of The Stokecast Podcast

How to use LinkedIn to build meaningful connections with your ideal clients

with Alejandro Garcia, Founder & CEO at Sportmadness

Blogging as a way to add value to your audience

with Max Karren, Blogger at Back o’ Beyond & Founder at Chuckwalla Design

Podcasting: how to get started, grow your audience and thrive in the long run

with Sarah Williams, Host of the Tough Girl Podcast

Increasing brand awareness through win-win partnerships with athletes

with Denis Möllers, Marketing Team Lead at Ryzon

Building your tribe: how to create an engaged community around your brand

with Emma Frampton, Community Builder & Co-founder of Adventure Queens



Joséphine Anselin is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach who specialises in helping entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry grow their brand online so they can attract their ideal clients, inspire their audience and hit their income targets with ease. 

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