A scope of work designed just for you, to address a specific challenge that your business is currently facing

Maybe you are feeling frustrated because you know that there must be a more efficient way to run your business but you just can’t pin down where you are wasting time and resources?

Or you don’t have the time to conduct proper market research to inform strategic business decisions?

Or maybe you are tired of operating your business reactively but you don’t know where to start to create a more focused strategy?

This is your opportunity to move your business forward by bringing in a fresh pair of eyes; a strategy expert who understands the outdoor industry and who will be able to look at your business in an objective way.


Every business has unique requirements and if we work together we will develop a scope of work based on your exact need and goals. Here are a few examples of projects I have helped clients with to give you an idea of how I could help you and your business:

  • In-depth market research to inform strategic decision making;
  • Creation of a business development strategy to reach clients in new geographical locations;
  • Product and service portfolio analysis to identify which activities to focus on to increase profit;
  • Creation of a social media strategy to help develop a strong and coherent online presence;
  • Development of a detailed digital content strategies based on business objectives and audience research;
  • Development of sponsorship proposals to obtain support from global brands.

“Thanks to her curiosity, Josephine could understand not only the area in which she was directly involved but also the rest of the business units giving her a complete vision of the company’s operations. She took advantage of it and was able to add real value by redefining our protocols and designing new effective and efficient ways of doing things. She left an inheritance that will last.”

Pablo Garcia Manitz

CEO, bewolfish


1. Questionnaire

You will receive a questionnaire with questions about your business, needs, resources and your desired project outcomes.

2. Zoom call

During this 60min call we will dive deeper into your business needs, the project scope, your expectations and your collaboration preferences.

3. Scope of work

Based on all the information you shared I will compile a scope of work including a timeline and a proposed project price.

4. Project start

As soon as you approve the scope of work we are ready to go! I will get started and send you regular project updates along the way.

The structure and length of each project will vary depending on your specific needs, preferences and objectives. Usually engagements consist in a mix of discussion sessions, independent work and results presentation sessions. The discussion and presentation sessions will be conducted via Zoom.


Projects are usually completed based on a fixed project price rather than an hourly rate. This will ensure that the project cost remains within your planned budget. Pricing will depend on the project type and length. A proposed project price will be provided prior to the project start as part of the scope of work.

Ready to take action?

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Who am I?

I’m Joséphine Anselin. I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist and I founded Outventure Hub to help entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry grow their brand online. My approach is always practical and my work is founded in research, insights and a deep understanding and passion for the outdoor market. I learned the ins and outs of business strategy through a Sports Management MBA, working in a strategy consulting firm, co-authoring a digital marketing online course and collaborating with startups and small businesses in the outdoor sports space. Read more about my story here.

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