Instagram is the perfect social media marketing tool for adventure travel companies. It’s a highly visual platform, making it the perfect channel to showcase new destinations and stunning landscapes. It’s also a very popular social media channel among travel and adventure enthusiasts.

Read on to find out about the best practices of 7 adventure travel companies that are killing it on Instagram.

Exodus Travels

Exodus Travels offer a wide range of different active adventure travel experiences. They are committed to sustainable travel and put a lot of emphasise on respecting the environment and local cultures. What they do particularly well on Instagram is the consistent creation of high quality visual content. This includes stunning landscapes, wildlife photography, portraits and also fun group pictures.

Top tip: make sure you use high quality images when promoting destinations and trip offerings in your feed

adventure travel companies instagram
Taken from Exodus Travels’ Instagram feed

STA Travel

STA Travel focuses on providing adventure travel experiences for students. This clearly defined niche means that they can tailor all of their marketing content to the specific needs of their target customers. If you scroll through their Instagram feed, it’s clear that all the images are designed to appeal to a young audience. This narrow focus, as well as the use of very visually engaging photography, has helped STA Travel to gain a large and very engaged follower base on Instagram.

Top tip: narrow your target audience and focus on posting content that reflects your chosen niche

Taken from STA Travel’s Instagram feed

Alpenglow Expeditions

Alpenglow Expeditions is a mountain guiding company that offers rock climbing, backcountry skiing and international mountaineering expeditions. They also run a very unique program called ‘Rapid Ascent’ which combines special training methods and precise logistics to greatly reduce the amount of time it takes their clients to summit some of the highest mountains in the world. Alpenglow Expeditions have managed to use social media to foster a community of climbers and big mountain enthusiasts. They do that primarily by using the power of story telling. Their posts don’t just showcase trips and destinations but they describe the journey of their clients in real-time as they make their way up the summit and back down.

Top tip: use the power of story telling to connect and engage with your audience

adventure travel companies instagram
Taken from Alpenglow Expeditions’ Instagram feed

The Adventure Running Company

The Adventure Running Company offers guided off-road trail running trips in Europe and Africa. If you visit their website or scroll through their Instagram feed, you’ll very quickly notice that this is a business that was born out of a real passion for running and a love for the mountains. But what The Adventure Running Company have done particularly well on Instagram is the creation of a strong brand identity. Their logo and trip promotion posts are all created using a “rough sketch style” (see picture below). This not only injects personality into their feed but it also makes their posts stand out and very easily recognisable.

Top tip: use templates to help create a strong and consistent brand identity across all of your social media platforms

adventure travel companies instagram
Posts from The Adventure Running Company’s Instagram feed

Flash Pack

Flash Pack has an impressive 130k followers on Instagram so they’re obviously doing a few things right. This includes a clearly defined niche, the use of high quality images, a consistent posting schedule and a high level of interaction with followers. On top of all this Flash Pack is also making the most of the Instagram story and story highlights features. This increases their visibility and helps them engage more deeply with their audience. Instagram stories tend to be more raw and real than feed posts and they are therefore a great way to connect with followers.

Top tip: post regular stories and create story highlights to increase your brand’s visibility and to engage with your followers

Iceland Travel

With over 200k followers Iceland Travel is another adventure travel company that has cracked the code of Instagram. All of their photos are stunning but what differentiates Iceland Travel from other travel companies on Instagram is their successful use of videos to showcase their trip offerings. In fact, studies have shown that videos are the type of content that drives the most engagement on Instagram.

Top tip: use short, high quality videos to drive more interactions with your followers

Taken from Iceland Travel’s Instagram feed

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid specialises in offering small group, off the beaten path travel experiences in some of the world’s most remote places. One Instagram tactic that this adventure travel company has implemented very successfully is the creation of their own branded hashtag. The #beintrepid hashtag has been used in over thirty five thousand images or videos so far. It helps create a community of adventure travellers around their brand.

Top tip: create a branded hashtag and encourage your clients to use it on their Instagram content to increase your brand visibility and credibility

adventure travel companies instagram

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