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Hi! I’m Joséphine Anselin, the face behind Outventure Hub. I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist and Content Creator with a passion for endurance sports and adventure travel. I specialise in helping outdoor entrepreneurs to move past online marketing overwhelm so they can attract their dream clients, inspire their audience and hit their revenue targets with ease. Read more about my story here.


A selection of previous clients

So you’ve been using social media to reach new clientsbut it’s not working as well as you’d hoped

Don’t worry, I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs in exactly the same position, so I designed my Social Media Strategy sessions to be the solution.

At the end of our 90 min 1:1 call, you’ll walk away with:

Clarity on where to focus your efforts so that you can easily and effortlessly reach new clients;

Actionable advice that’s customised to your specific business needs, i.e. no cookie-cutter strategies;

Answers to all of your burning social media questions to clear the fog and help you feel energised and confident about the way forward.

“Thanks to her curiosity, Josephine could understand not only the area in which she was directly involved but also the rest of the business units giving her a complete vision of the company’s operations. She took advantage of it and was able to add real value by redefining our protocols and designing new effective and efficient ways of doing things. She left an inheritance that will last.”

Pablo Garcia Manitz

CEO, bewolfish

on the blog

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